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20 Locations in the Midwest

Click on the title above to see all of our locations across the Midwest.


Detroit Step Up Overhaul

Get improved fuel economy and power with a Step Up overhaul. Click on the title above for details!


Truck Bucks

NEW! Truck Bucks Card. Sign up and save on parts. Click on title above for the details!


DPF Replacement

Get your DPF replacement at a lower price! Call us to schedule an appointment today. Click on the link above for more information.


Merritt Truck Equipment

Check out our great selection of Merritt Truck Equipment. Click on the link above.


Star Warning Systems

Get reliable Star Warning Systems lights from Truck Country! Click the link above for more information.


Save on RV Service

Get expert service on your motor home at an economical price. Click on the title above for more information.


Cascadia Evolution

Call us to learn how you can save up to 7% on fuel economy with the new Cascadia! Click title for more information. Free Demo!


Idle Free APU-Save Green, Drive Green

The battery-based Idle Free electric APU is the complete, year-round electric APU solution for sleeper trucks and day cabs pulling a dry van. Get it at Truck Country! Click the link above to find out more.


Get D.E.F. in the Size You Need

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is available at all Truck Country locations at an economical price! Click the title above for the details.


Engine Overhaul Financing

Ask us about financing your engine overhaul.


CNG Trucks Save Fuel

Here's how one trucking company saves fuel using CNG trucks. Click the title above to read the story.


Parts Route Book

Featured items from our extensive parts inventory.


Stemco B-Lock Brake Kits

Stemco B-Lock Brake Kits prevents rust! Click on the title above for details and pricing!

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